8 nights / 9 days Birding Itinerary


Day 1:

The tour begin with your arrival at the Airport where you will meet the local guide and then group to be transfer to the Bakotu Hotel, if time permits we will do a short introductory walk at the Kotu Bridge.

C16V8349 Yellow crowned GonolekDay 2:

We will spend our first full day birding at kotu creek and environ, in the morning we will take a walk to the kotu creek close the hotel, here we will enjoy close view of waders herons, egrets and kingfishers, while in the rice fields and cycle track we may encounter Senegal Coucal, Spur winged Lapwing, Tawny Flanked Prinia, Little Bee eater, Yellow Crowned Gonolek, Grey woodpecker, African Jacana Pearl spotted Owlet, Sacred Ibis, African Spoonbill and the sought after Greater Painted Snipe, break for lunch, in the afternoon we will head to the Fajara Golf Course where we may see Abyssinian Roller, Fine Spotted Woodpecker, Shikra, long Tailed Glossy Starling, Bearded Barbet, Beautiful Sunbirds, Wattle Lapwing, African Silver bill, Variable Sunbird and many more.


An early start will see us head to brufut wood, one of the few remaining coastal forest thicket which offer the chance of a close view of long tailed Nightjar long with other birds such as Violet and Green Turacos, Splendid Sunbird, Klaa’s Cuckoo, Swallow Tailed Bee eater, Greater Honey Guide, Northern Puff Back, African Pied Hornbill, Orange Cheeked Waxbill, Lavender Waxbill, Cardinal Woodpecker, Yellow White Eye and a host other exciting species. We drive to Tanji Bird Reserve and Tanji Eco lodge for lunch break, the waterhole at the lodge provide good of chance of seeing Western Bluebill, both the African Paradise and, Red Belied Paradise Flycatcher as well as Black Necked Weaver, and Snowy Crowned Robin Chat, the beach and Lagoons holds flock of Terns, Gulls, Pink Backed Pelican as well as migrant waders and Heron, in late Afternoon, we’ll explore the scrub for Vieilot’s Barbet, Blue Cheeked Bee eater, Orange Breasted Bush Shrike, Yellow Fronted Tinker bird, Four Banded Sand grouse, Whistling Cisticola and lizard Buzzard.

C16V7340 African Pygmy KingfisherDay 4:

Today we depart from our hotel after breakfast to upriver, making several stops en route including Farasutu and Bonto Forest; here we’ll hope to enjoy views of some exotic forest birds such as rare White Spotted Fluff Tail, Grey Headed Bristle Bill, Buff Spotted Woodpecker, African Goshawk, Green Crombec, Little Greenbul, African Wood Owl, Green Headed Sunbird, Verreaux’s Eagle, Grayish Eagle Owl, Spotted Honey Guide, and Pygmy Kingfisher, other possible species may include Red Necked Falcon, Black Crowned Tchagra, and Standard Winged Nightjar, we’ll continue our journey east, stopping along the way looking out for overhead raptors such as Grasshopper Buzzard, Dark Chanting, Western Banded Snake Eagle, long Crested Eagle and more. We’ll arrive at Abcas Creek lodge in time for lunch, in the afternoon, we’ll explore the surroundings of the lodge for a plethora of raptors and savannah birds including White Crested Helmet Shrike, Walberg’s Eagle, Senegal Eremomela, Grey Kestrel, Scarlet Sunbirds, Rufous Crowned Roller, Black Shouldered Kite, Beaundouin Snake Eagle, and Striped Kingfisher, at low tide the mudflats comes alive with waders, plus a good chance of Seeing the Goliath Heron. Night in Abcas Creek lodge.

C16V6095 Chestnut backed Sparrow LarkDay 5:

Today, we’ll head further east to stop for three nights at Georgetown , we’ll have full two days to explore this fantastic area, meanwhile we’ll enjoy some good birding en route stopping at number of other birding locations including Kampanti Rice fields, Soma Wetland, and at Soma we’ll connect to the North Bank via the Yelli Tenda ferry crossing and make stops at waterholes, Peanut Farmland and the Fabulous Kaur Wetland, where we could add many sought After species on the list including, Temminck’s Courser, Black Bellied and Savile Bustards, along with Cut Throat Finch, Sahel Paradise Whydah, Rock Bunting, Chestnut Backed Sparrow Lark, Singing Bush Lark, Prized Egyptian Plover, Kitlitz Plover and an impressive flock of Collared Prantincole. Night in Georgetown.

Day 6:

This morning, we’ll head eastward to visit the impressive nesting site of the brilliant Red Throated Bee eater at Bansang Quarry, other possible species on this site include Exclamatory Paradise Whydah, Northern Ant eater Chat, White Faced whistling Duck, and Village Indigo bird, the area is especially good for raptors such as Tawny Eagle, Rupppell’s Griffon Vulture, and African Hawk Eagle. From here, we‘ll explore the Kunkilling Forest in search of Spotted Thick knee, White Backed Vulture, Booted Eagle, Green winged Pythlia, Brubru, Little Green Bee eater, and Adawa Turtle Dove. After lunch we’ll spend the afternoon birding around the island, and hoping to see Yellow Throated Leaf love, Senegal Thick knee, Grey Headed Bush Shrike, Black Rumped Waxbill, Double Spurred Francolin, And Bruce’s Green Pigeon, night in Georgetown.

C16V5924 White throated Bee eaterDay 7:

Today we’ll take a boat ride along freshwater stretches of the River Gambia, African Fin Foot, Shining Blue Kingfisher and African Fish Eagle will be high on our wish list, but we’ ll look for Palm nut Vulture, Yellow Backed Weaver, Spur Winged Goose, Swamp Flycatcher, Western Banded Snake Eagle, Blue Breasted Kingfisher and more, after lunch we’ll return to the North Bank where we’ll look for Northern Carmine Bee eater, Bush Petronia, Northern Ant Eater Chat, White Throated Bee eater and also visit another Red Throated Bee eater Breeding colony. Night in Georgetown.

Day 8:

After breakfast we’ll head back to the coast, making interesting stops along the way including Fulla Bantang to view Marabou Stork on the nest, the vast rice fields of Jahally will be our next stop and chance for flock of spur winged Goose, African Jacana, African Pygmy Goose, Seasonal Black Coucal, Knob bill duck, Winding Cisticola and myriad of winter migrants, we’ll enjoy lunch at Tendaba Camp and the take boat ride to explore the Boabolong Wetland Reserve, where we expect to see wide variety of water birds Waders and Raptors such as Goliath Heron, Mouse brown, African Darter, White Throated Bee Eater, Fairy Blue Flycatcher, Yellow Billed Stork, White Backed Night Heron, Woolly Necked Stork, Pink Backed Pelican, Martial Eagle, Marsh Harrier, and Peregrine Falcon. We’ll be birding en route to Mandinari River Lodge where we will stay for our last night.

Day 9:

Our final day will be spent in the vicinity of the lodge before departing to the Airport.