A Standard Itinerary of a Tailor-made one

At Gambian Bird Watching we are aware that not everyone wants to travel with a group and also enjoy planning their own tours to explore a country in their own way. 

We can help you, through our local knowledge and experience, to get the very best out of travelling to various destinations within the country (including Senegal). We have successfully organised many tours for individuals, couples and groups, not only with accommodation and logistics, but also putting you in touch directly with some of the very best nature guides in the country.

3T9P2373 CrocodileSome attractive and good reasons for consulting with us on your private holiday arrangements

▪ Get prices on accommodation normally reserved for agencies
▪ Benefit from our experience on itineraries
▪ Enjoy transport arrangements that work!
▪ Be in direct contact with nature and cultural guides we know do an excellent job
▪ Attention to details which are so easily overlooked when organising things yourself
▪ Avoid the unknown pitfalls that can afflict the inexperienced traveller to any particular destination
▪ Working within a budget, then we can also help to achieve a holiday beyond expectations

Take advantage of our expertise when thinking of going it alone, we are very happy to help and advise on each and every destination covered by us.

An example of how a tour can look like, you will find looking at our 8 nights/9 days Birding tour